Thursday, October 25, 2007

SYTYCD News Roundup

We just got to see Brian Friedman again during the season 2 marathon on MTV. Catch up with Brian in this article at Movmnt Magazine.


Something For Nothing found an interesting Allison Holker video montage.


Our friend Booker calls this article, written before her injury, a "very gushy & romantic interview with lovebirds Lacey and Hok":

"He is by far the best thing that ever happened to me," Schwimmer gushed to In Touch about Konishi. "It's exciting to know that I have my best friend and my love with me at all times."


Now that Lacey is back home rehabbing her knee, she does some Halloween thuggin', with a feather duster in some new pics on her Myspace page. Yeah, that's Benji with her, showing off his newly shaved head, along with a friend named Bear. Hmmm.


Natalie Bassingthwaighte, the newly named host of the upcoming Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance, talks about the auditions in this article in the Herald-Sun:
During rehearsals, which reach Sydney on October 27 and 28 and Melbourne on November 3 and 4, Bassingthwaighte doesn't get to see much dancing.

"I'm with the contestants during warm-ups and helping them come to terms with their nerves," Bassingthwaighte said.

"I'm a bit of a mother hen figure."

Awww, she's following the Cat Deeley template.