Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sabra And Danny Interview

The St Louis Post-Dispatch interviewed Sabra Johnson and Danny Tidwell for a tour stop preview:

Q: How did you feel, the week (head judge) Nigel Lythgoe predicted the winner would be female?

Johnson: You never know considering most of the people watching are young girls, who'll vote for the boys because they're so cute. Honestly, it wasn't about winning for me. It was about getting through the day and the next performance, and about having fun.

Tidwell: Me and Neil's faces fell to the floor. It was a slap to the face.


Many seem to think that Nigel's comment influenced the voting, but I'm wondering about all the times Danny was clearly called the best dancer the show had ever seen. Wouldn't that have been just as influential, if not more so? Did Nigel's comment actually change anyone's vote?