Sunday, October 28, 2007

SYTYCD News Roundup

Theresa Annas of the Virginian-Pilot writes an in-depth piece on Denise Wall:

Wall's passion has resulted in much attention for her modest, three-room dance studio on Bonney Road. The school called Denise Wall's Dance Energy could use some new carpet and a fresh coat of paint. Clearly, that hasn't held the place back.

Dozens of trophies pack the shelves above the mirrors that run the length of Wall's room. The school wins so many, she said, "I throw them out." Articles from The New York Times and Dance magazine are among the hometown clippings displayed in the lobby.


Central Jersey's Home News Tribune chatted with season 2's Heidi Groskreutz:
Heidi, now a Cliffside, N.J. resident, said since the show ended, she has been traveling around the world working on different dance projects and teaching classes. She recently filmed a movie with her cousin, and 2006 show champion, Benji Schwimmer but enjoys being able to teach.

"You have to give back," Groskreutz said. "It's the only way to pay it forward for those who have helped you while you were training."

We also learn that Heidi is in talks for an unnamed show on ABC. She'd be a great pro on Dancing With The Stars.


Betsy Scott of the News-Herald previews the Halloween night tour stop in Cleveland by talking to Neil Haskell:
As if Neil Haskell isn't adorable enough, he is sure to further endear himself to his Northeast Ohio fans when they learn of his allegiance to our Tribe. His loyalty came to light after a reporter revealed that her publication is based in the Cleveland area. "Go Indians," was his immediate reply.
Never mind that it was said two days after the team squashed our hearts with a mallet by losing three straight not-close games to the Boston Red Sox and lost its chance to get back to the World Series after a 10-year absence.
But back to Haskell, a contestant on Fox's summer hit talent show "So You Think You Can Dance." He explained that he became a Tribe follower growing up in Buffalo, N.Y., which an Indians farm team calls home.
"I'm definitely a big Indians fan," he said, while acknowledging that the 49-stop dance tour interfered with his watching the playoffs. "I was able to watch (ESPN's) 'SportsCenter' afterwards."


Our friend Selly at Dance Outlook attended the show in St Louis.

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Here's Jaimie and Hok performing Wade Robson's Hummingbird routine in St. Louis.
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Besides Australia, season 3 is currently airing in South Africa. The Times' Barry Ronge likes it:
I believe this is the most impressive and entertaining of the “reality” talent shows.

It’s streets ahead of Idols and Survivor. Even Project Runway pales in comparison. The only show that edges onto this high ground is The Amazing Race.

I love it because the challenge is real and physical. You need no specialist knowledge. This week the competition kicks into high gear because we are down to the last 10.

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