Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SYTYCD Tour Coverage

Courtesy of Aliza

Thanks to Aliza for the use of the above photo from the East Rutherford show. There's plenty more great photos at her album.

We're getting reports that Lacey Schwimmer is returning to the the tour and may even be performing tonight in Columbus, Oh.

Our Myspace bud Angelica went to the Minneapolis show Sunday night. Here's her report:

The show was AMAZING... yes the stage was high but I could see pretty well even in the front row. The only thing I hated was they got mad if we stood up! About the dances... the one that stood out to me was the Prince dance w/ Danny and Neil! Of course Danny is my absolute favorite but they both rocked that! The Time piece touched me very much and I enjoyed Jamie in it. Lauren stood out to me the whole night.. that girl was rocking it! The show was very scripted but cute at the same time. Dom talked a lot and cracked his crazy jokes. There was one point where some guy screamed, I LOVE YOU NEIL! when he was on stage alone and Neil was just cracking up as well as everyone else!

The only dance that did not do anything to me was the Wiz dance with Kameron and Shauna... I don't believe they had chemistry and Shauna was not doing it as well as she did w/ Jimmy!

On to the meet and greet... it was in a press room and not many people in there at all... probably only 25-30!! You can imagine me FREAKING out before the dancers came in! They came in one or a few at a time and it was up to us to go up to them. Here goes...

I met Jesus first and he was the sweetest guy! My mom and I told him how much we liked him and how sad we were when he got kicked off! He was very gracious and adorable!

Anya-She is beautiful but SO small! I thought she would be taller than she was! We were talking about how terrible the lighting was in the room and I told her I loved her and Danny and they were my favorite couple

Danny...after the jump


Danny...YES THIS WAS THE BEST MOMENT! He walked in looking really shy so I ran right up to him and said Hi and he smiled really big and gave me a hug.. I almost died!! Then my mom took 2 pictures of us cause I am obsessed. LOL. He said hi to my mom and I told him how many fans he has, how beautiful he is and how I send him a card to his mothers studio. He was so gracious and so attentive and looked me in the eye the whole time I talked.. which was a long time! He then needed somewhere to put his coat and me being strange said I would hold it and he started laughing really hard!

Pasha-My mom asked him if he still talked to Jessi and he seemed VERY uncomfortable with this question and said no. I asked him what she was up to and he said he has no idea. He was very quite to me.

Lauren-This girl was AWESOME! We talked about a lot and I told her she had so much energy tonight and she really stood out and she laughed and said she was trying to sleep in between numbers. What a pretty girl too!

Sara-I talked to her the longest. She asked me all these questions about myself, how long I danced for etc and was so sweet. I felt the most comfortable with her and she really is generous. She told me the girls did not get to shower yet and she thought she stunk LOL

Kameron and Sabra-I talked to them together and Kameron was the first one that asked my name. Talk about a HOTTIE in person by the way! He was very very kind. Sabra was hilarious too. I asked her if she had a cold because she keep sniffling and she told me it was just allergies and Kameron said no it's because she picks her nose all the time! Well when he said that my mom and them were taking a picture and Sabra meant to pinch Kameron but she pinched my mom so hard! It was so funny and Sabra kept apologizing and saying she should give my mom something LOL

Neil-He was standing alone with a friend of Doms and Doms friend said they needed some ladies over there so Neil acknowledged me and asked if I wanted a picture! I took a picture with him and yes, I asked him to do the wookie and he did it out of the corner of his mouth.. so funny!

The others in the room, Dom, Hok, Jamie and Shauna I did not get to meet:( Alot of the time they were talking to Dimitri's parents who were there or friends. It was hard to get to them so I tried outside but still did not! Outside was SO packed so I am so happy I got the exclusive meet and greet!

I have a TON of pictures on my facebook just search for me... Angelica Agents I have two albums full and many from the meet and greet!