Thursday, November 1, 2007

SYTYCD Tour Coverage

Courtesy of kissed_upon_the_eyes

Thanks to Flickr artist kissed_upon_the_eyes for use of the photo above. Check her page for many more from the Atlanta show.

Live Journal Blogger noisywallflower went to the Halloween performance last night in Cleveland.

So they’re doing their encore of You Can’t Stop The Beat in their Halloween costumes and the music sllllooooows down and slows down and their dancing slows with the music and then BAM! THRILLER! YES! They did the Thriller dance! It was the best thing ever. And Dominic was trying to get candy from the audience.


Tonight's Toronto show sold out in a matter of hours. previews and talks to Danny Tidwell:
You'd think that for someone who has performed at Lincoln Center, dancing for a TV competition would be a come-down, but Tidwell says he has gathered a lot of new skills over the last year. "I've learned a lot about partnering. Ballroom is a great way to learn where a woman's weight is."

It's hard when you first start out, he says, "to find your own personality on stage."

But, he thinks being on So You Think You Can Dance, with all the grilling that goes on to show what the dancers are like as people, helps a dancer develop a stage persona.