Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Interviews From Toronto

Courtesy of Down The Road Webzine

Marine, aka LightGrenade, is posting a series of interviews with the tour cast at Down The Road Webzine. The first 2 are with Pasha & Anya, and Hok & Lacey. Marine promises more tomorrow. There is a gallery of photos here.

An excerpt from Pasha & Anya:
What was your favorite style of dance to learn on the show?
Pasha: You know, every style of dance was interesting to try, I think hip-hop was the most challenging and surprising because it’s completely different game play because in ballroom you’re here, and up there and dance with your partner and presenting your partner. In hip-hop, you’re down and slouching and “whassup girl!” and I’m like “oh, how does that work?” I learned a little bit. [laughs]

Anya: I would say contemporary and hip-hop as well. You’re taking your heels off, and you’re a different person, basically. [laughs] It was very challenging, different connection with your partner and there are different movements so I definitely felt that my body was very sore the next day after hard training and long hours of practicing.


Hok & Lacey are finally asked about something other than their relationship:
So I heard you guys got injured, tell me about that…

[Hok and Lacey laugh]

Hok: We’ve never had that question! That’s true.

Lacey: Well, why don’t you talk first.

Hok: Okay, I’ve had a herniated disk before the show and I think it’s ‘cause of that I strained my oblique muscle on the other side so basically I had an injury on my left side and I injured my right side too, so I was off the show for a little bit but now the right side’s completely better and you know, the left side is still not completely better, but I have to cope with it. And Lacey is doing…

Lacey: I just got back, it’s actually my third show back, it’s kind of weird actually because I’m not all the way better yet, and I won’t be until after surgery, but I’m clear to dance for now, you know, it can’t get injured any worse, they said, I just have to bite through the pain a little bit. I have a torn meniscus on my left knee so I’ll be getting surgery very shortly unfortunately.

Ouch. So you’re not performing all the dances yet.

Lacey: No, there’s certain dances that I can’t do, I’m just warming my knee up to it so by the end of the tour I should be able to do most of my routines.

Well I hope you guys feel better soon!

Lacey: Aw, thank you!