Friday, November 23, 2007

SYTYCD News Roundup

Courtesy of Down The Road Webzine

Marine Gobert continues her series of interviews at Down The Road Webzine. It makes a difference when a real fan asks the questions. As Marine says on her LJ blog:
I know there's some tour drama and some people are mad at the dancers - but instead of focusing on the negative things about the dancers, I want to talk about the positive things and say that Jesus and Sara are super nice, down to earth and mature. It was great to interview them, and great to chat with them later on at the backstage meet and greet.

LINK to Jesús and Sara interview.
LINK to Dominic and Shauna interview.

Brian Friedman is taking heat in the UK for some performances on The X-Factor:
X FACTOR choreographer Brian Friedman has come under fire after a catalogue of disasters last week.

We can reveal the dancers he chose were not up to the job – but it was reckoned too late to hire any more.

So he had to DROP some dancers and LEAVE OUT parts of the tricky routines.

Creative director Brian is now under pressure to produce a better performance in tomorrow’s show.


The article doesn't make it clear what happened. Can any of our UK readers fill us in? If you guys don't want him any more, we'll gladly take him back.

The tour ends a week from today in Reno, Nv. Previewing Wednesday's show in Everett, Wa. Andy Rathbun of talked to Lacey and Neil:
While many of the show's contestants had training in dance, TV brought them a rare sort of attention. Dance, after all, usually doesn't attract fans like this -- the sign-waving, MySpace-posting variety.

"You never play arenas, and you're never the headliner of the show," said Neil Haskell, who also finished in the show's top four. "Say you're on a tour. You're backing up an artist, so people never know your name, people never know who you are."

Kiss that anonymity goodbye, Haskell. People run up to the 20-year-old in shopping malls, screaming, he said. He was quick with a wisecrack during the TV show's run, but he said he deals with those Beatlesque moments calmly in person.

"You just have to remember that some people sometimes don't realize that we're exactly like them," he said. "I'm not any different than who I was last year at this time."


Our friend Rebecca alerted us to a great album of photos from the Phoenix show over the weekend. She recommends the Danny/Anya Apologize pics.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day here in the States. I'm very thankful for everyone who visits the blog, and especially those who took the time to share their pics, videos, and show reports over the last few months.