Friday, January 18, 2008

Lacey Interviews

We have 2 recent interviews with Lacey Schwimmer, one text, one audio.

ShimmyOnline talked to her about, amongst other things, her recent knee surgery:

Shimmy: How is your knee healing? Is this your first major dance-related injury?

Lacey: FIRST? Noway! I have torn and strained muscles all my life, part of a dancers world if you ask me! But this is the first time I have ever had surgery. My knee is healing well, I have 4 small scars, but since I've been pushing my knee to the max, I have tendonitis in the patella. (the cap) Painful ,but working through it.

Shimmy: Have you begun training again?

Lacey: I just started retraining my center of balance ,which has gotten the best of me. Its really frustrating to know that you cant do things the way you used to. Although, my therapist is saying i am already stronger than before my injury!


This one is probably more for the hardcore teen crowd. The web-based Emilio Show interviewed Lacey with call-ins from fans.