Sunday, January 13, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

TravisWall-Online has a 3 part interview with Travis.

LINK to part 1
LINK to part 2
LINK to part 3

Ashlee Nino blogs about her experience performing in Times Square on New Years Eve.

...after receiving our credentials we headed through the mob of "anxious ball dropping watchers" and arrived safely in our dressing room at the ABC building. We were kind of rushed through a taped rehearsal on the roof top of the building....I think that's when it finally hit me....omg I'm in New York for the first time and I'm performing in front of millions on a roof top in Times Square. I'm so lucky! The rehearsal didn't go so well... Neither Christina or I were wearing the correct wardrobe...I still had my tacky credentials hanging from my neck and the stage was so small, we had to rechoreograph a lot of the routine in about 3 minutes (literally). We were both praying that none of this taped rehearsal would be aired!
Luckily it wasn't! At 10pm we headed back to the roof top and performed was a hit!
Right after we stepped off stage we were released to go about our own business and enjoy the few hours left in 2007. Some of the band headed back to the hotel, others to different parties but Christina and I decided to stay in times square (I mean c'mon I had to watch the ball drop too!)


Jesús Solorio is looking for dancers for the music video for his song Beautiful Dancer.


Shane Sparks hypes the live dance classes available at
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Shane will be one of the judges on MTV's Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew, which will air a special casting episode on Jan. 26 at 2PM ET.


Want to watch a reality show about Nigel Lythgoe and fellow Idol/SYTYCD producer Ken Warwick's experiences buying and operating a vineyard? No, I didn't think so, but having worked in the wine industry, I found Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes fascinating. There are also plenty of juicy behind-the-scenes insights into the Idol machine, like when Nigel sees a horse at a vineyard and says to Warwick "Did you see that long face? It looks like Cowell when he isn't recognized in a restaurant". Warwick points to Nigel and says "Or him".

LINK to all episodes.

PopRepublic.TV has an interview with the 3 So You Think You Can Dance Australia judges: Matt Lee, Bonnie Lythgoe, and Jason Coleman. It starts on page 13 of the magazine.

LINK directly to PDF.