Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

Does Nigel Lythgoe have a dance skeleton in his closet? It would seem so.


Blogger Evie took a master class from Mia Michaels at Broadway Dance Center and writes about it:

Mia brought up some really great concepts during the master class. During the warm-up, she had us move in two different ways: "Bony," which seemed to be like moving from your joints and very rapid and free, and "Muscle-y," which seemed to be like using resistance in your muscles. She also talked about how taking dance class is an opportunity to get inside of the person teaching or choreographing. Mia said that the class was an opportunity for us to explore her and to experiment with moving in new ways. Mia also talked about how dancing is about making smart choices with your body and the movements you make - she said that making smart choices is especially important with improv and matching your improv movement style to the tone of the piece.


Shimmy had pretty much the same reaction to the misnamed Dance War as I did:
The vocals, aside from maybe 3 people, are horrendous. The dancing... wow. It's not even that the contestants were weak but the choreography is weak too.