Monday, February 4, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Audition 2 - Melbourne and Adelaide UPDATED

Reality Raver reports from Australia:

A bit of advice for all wannabe SYTYCD contestants if you want to get through to the final 100 audition in a smaller city where the talent is not as high. The judges Bonnie Lythgoe, Jason Coleman, and Matt Lee are so glad to see someone not mediocre you get through to the choreography round easily or a ticket straight to Sydney.

If you can combine that with a good sob story you are almost guaranteed a ticket to the final 100.

You knew Adelaide was going to be poor as it was only given 20 mins tv time (including commercials) out of a a 90 minute show, and the standard was noticeably below Melbourne.

Melbourne was expected to rock and it did.

The show started in Melbourne with the judges giving a pre-audition pep talk where they outlined what they did not like.

Matt does not like clicking. Bonnie doesn't like looking at the floor, and Jason does not like miming.

First auditioner for the day was...

David 19 an asian hip hop guy. Apparently his parents don't approve of his passion for dance, and would like him to study, study, study and get a good job. He was amazingly acrobatic, and the judges liked his 'powerful trick' and he was given a shot at the afternoon choreography. After that he got his ticket to Sydney.

Next up was 23 year old Courtney a little pocket rocket who at one stage was not going to audition. She threw herself about the stage in a contemporary routine. At first they told her to front up to the choreography, however after being moved by her confessing she had not had much technique training they called her back to give her a ticket straight to Sydney.

Another heartstring story was Geoffry "drumstick" a half deaf, and half blind due to a congenital condition. He just wanted to dance "while he still can". He was a competent B-Boy/breaker and he was put through to learn Matt Lee's choreography, where he acquitted himself well enough to get the longed for ticket.

The best thing about Melbourne was it brought some of the kooky people out to audition.

The best of these was Melissa an "interpretative dancer" who writhed around the floor, surprisingly in time. Jason picked she was trying to be a salmon, no one else did. It must have been his experience doing opening ceremony for big events where all sorts of weird creatures run around stadiums.

Matt Lee described her routine as "crazy, weird" and at times it was like she was stuck on the end of a jack hammer. On a more positive note she did keep time. Her journey ended there.

CJ turned out to be Australia's equivalent to American Idol's Alexis. After being told his pseudo madonna routine was failure he had a spray at the judges in the 'diary' room, plus a few hand gestures.

Rhys an effeminate guy with a mohawk, and green flouro eyeshadow which matched his pants (not a good look) did an aerobics like routine which got him through to the evening round and then onto Sydney. I would be surprised if he got further then that.

Next a family and some friends turned up to audition in the hip hop style. First up was Demi who break dances. She immigrated from the Phillipines with her mother and her three other siblings, and had a bit of a tough life.

I thought Demi's B Girl routine was one of the most refreshing of the episode, and she managed to get her ticket to sydney after doing Matt Lee' choreography.

Her girlfriend Nikki was not so lucky and after being told she won't be going to Sydney stormed off into a toilet cubicle.

Demi's deaf sister Lorraine also auditioned, she was not the worst audition we have seen but it was nowhere good enough.

Then the brother Carlos came on, and he popped and hip hopped. He was great with moves I had never seen before, and unsurprisingly he got his ticket.

Day 2 in Melbourne and the talent continued. However Bonnie needs to get a new stylist as the bright purple leather jacket, and the matching glasses with the purple tint was eyecatching but in the wrong way.

JD a 26 hip hop choreographer was nervous, but was there to face his fears. His was a laid back controlled, smooth routine. The judges were gushing. Jason gave him a standing ovation and said "you are my favourite dancer so far". No guesses where he was heading.

Next was Mac a samoan guy whose routine was a cross between the german thigh slapping dance that one would see at Octoberfest, and Tap dogs. Also there was a bit of breaking in there as well. I was very surprised when he bypassed the evening session and got straight into the top 100. Note take cute baby to the audition with you.

The last couple for the day were Kelly and Keiran who were Lindy hoppers. How good is this genre, it is such a happy dance. They were sent through to the choreography round as well. At the completion of that they were asked what they would do if only one was sent through, after much contemplation Keiran said it should be Kelly to go through. However the judges had shown they had learnt some reality tv tricks and showed they both would be going to Sydney.

Adelaide was pretty slim pickings, with mainly girls getting through. However there were some highlights.

Laura a beautiful girl, with great turns and leaps, but with a wobbly arabesque got through.

Maddy a 26 year old single mum who wore an outfit like the one in the Toni Basil video Mickey, except with a gothic twist to it,was straight to Sydney.

Another Laura a pretty blond girl who has been dancing since three, had to go through the choreography rounds before getting her ticket, partly due to the cheesy routine she performed.

Two sisters who had been dancing for ten years came to audition. Tamara who had more pep, danced to Unchain My Heart got through to Sydney. Matt Lee had a glint of lust in his eyes when he watched this girl, however it could have just been the music Joe Cocker can have that effect on people as they think of the movie 9 1/2 Her sister Nikki had to dance through the choreography rounds before learning they would be sharing a room in Sydney.

Last was Keyte who had been dancing since she was three, she cracked during the choreography when told if blew the routine she would be eliminated, which is what happened. Natalie Bassingwaite comforted her and gave her a Tyra Banks like pep talk to get her to cheer up.

The judges are still formulating their roles. I think Jason Coleman is the leader of the pack, but he just needs to make sure that he does not come over as patronising.

Bonnie Lythgoe is a softy she tears up every time a contestant does, and Matt Lee remains enigmatic.

Natalie is just playing the mother hen role at the moment and her big test will be when the final shows start. It will be very hard to match Cat Deeley's sassy wit, combined with her warmth.

Next stop Sydney which should be a cracker.