Tuesday, February 5, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

Fox Utah has a video report from the first day of auditions in Salt Lake City.


The Salt Lake Tribune was there too.


Kristin at EOnline says Hok and Dominic's Quest crew tried out for America's Best Dance Crew, but their contract with 19 Entertainment prohibited their participation.


Shimmy Online has interviews with Sara Von Gillern, Musa Cooper, and Dan Karaty. Dan hints that we may see him guest-judging on the Australian show.

Apparently, Dan is a good judge of football talent too. His Super Bowl prediction from last week:

“It’s going to be a GIANT upset. Let’s just hope Randy Moss can handle the loss better than T.O. did. Sniffle, sniffle.Giants 28, Patriots 23.” — DAN KARATY, choreographer (So You Think You Can Dance)


Blogger Mr. Melodicus gives us an alternate take on the premiere episode of So You Think You Can Dance Australia:
And then our host appears. In case you haven’t been flicking through the pages of your local TV Guide recently, the job was given to Rogue Traders lead singer Natalie Bassingthwaighte. No, wait, Bassinghthwaithe. Or is it Basghsighthwaighthte? Who knows, but there are far too many letters. I prefer Cat Deeley the minute Bassinghthwhaihththththe opens her mouth, complete with her nauseating nose inflexions and grating Australian twang.

We’re given little more time to analyse our hostess as we are instantly transported to Perth, the setting for the first round of auditions. But wait! Here she is again!

“This is an ABSOLUTE MASSIVE TURNOUT in Perth…HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS have turned out here today!!” screams Bashingtwit as she scurries up and down the line of maybe one thousand people and assuring her audience she knows nothing about adverbs. Hundreds of thousands? It’s as if she’s insinuating the entire population of Perth were there.