Monday, February 4, 2008

SYTYCDAus Update

The opening episode of So You Think You Can Dance Australia not only had the highest ratings of the evening, but was also the highest rated premiere ever for Network Ten with almost 2 million viewers. That's impressive when you consider that Australia's population is roughly one tenth the size of the US. TEN's chief programming officer is optimistic:

"We're confident we have a hit on our hands and Australians will continue to turn on in droves to relish this type of high-spirited, energetic dance fun." "One thing that points to Dance Australia's continuing success is that fact that the ratings increased throughout its one hour 45-minute run - an indication that viewers liked what they saw and kept watching."


David Knox at TVTonight liked the show, though I have to take issue with one comment:
15yo Caleb, who was disallowed entry only on grounds of age, was a generous inclusion. Dancing to "Mad World" it wasn't hard to see why. Hopefully he finds a career before a three year wait for a show that might damage true talent.

Which does he think might damage talent, the three year wait? Or appearing on the show?

Nathaniel Cooper at The Daily wasn't impressed with the judging:
Despite being experts in their field, Bonnie and Jason became a bit boring with their comments after each dancer … and did we really need to see Jason stopping the music with his flamboyant hand flourishes EVERY time?

There definitely wasn’t enough drama between the judges themselves. They appear to all love each other to pieces (except that brief moment where Matt disagreed with Bonnie and I thought she was going to fall off her chair) so instead they were reduced to creating drama from the contestants' life stories, which was moving but mostly irrelevant.

Bonnie Lythgoe visited a radio podcast after the show, though you have to slog through some cricket coverage to get to it.

LINK to audio file

Speaking of Bonnie, Reality Raver says she and Nigel may be reconciling.


The Defamer claims that a dancer we'll see in the top 10 males also has a female stage persona.


Would Uncle Nigel ever allow such a thing?