Friday, May 23, 2008

LA Auditions Recap

Hi, guys. This is my first recap, so be kind. :) If you find inaccuracies, please let me know.

Here we go!!!

It's Cat and lots of people in line! We get the whole "thrills, spills, and more talent than any other show." Okay, Cat, Let's get on with it.

Nigel is in a blue jean shirt. I don't get it. Mary looks like Mary. Mia has on some sort of head wrap. Hm.

The new opening has the table dance with Sabra and Neil (yay!, Dom, Danny (I think), Jaimie and Hok's Hummingbird, Sabra crying (I think), but it hasn't changed that much. Who is the female ballroom dancer, BTW? I've always wondered.

First we get Devin Oshiro. They put on Barracuda. She doesn't move. Nigel asks for more dancing, then realizes it's the wrong song. (Ha ha. HE picked the wrong song. sorry, American Idol reference. Did you know that David Cook won?!) Then they put on the right song and she does a beautiful contemporary dance. She gets the first ticket to Vegas. Let's all drink to Nigel saying "I bet the choreographers can't wait to get their hands on you." Okay, fine.

Next up is...

...scary Jonathan from Italy, who says Italians are hairy but he shaves and shows us his chest. I prefer Oscar from Step It Up and Dance, who was voted off last night. Again. Sob.) He is called arrogant and yet gets to go to the choreography round. I don't get it.

Then...SEX IS BACK. Why?! At least this time his mother, who is there, doesn't talk. Cat talks to him (this year she sits on stairs for her interviews. Her hair is in a ponytail. She looks very cute.) He is only online for about two minutes, while they make fun of him. Gah. Nigel refuses to call him Sex, and instead goes by his real name, David. I can't wait for this to end.

Laura Garcia is next. She is visually impaired and dances reasonably well. They say her technique is not good enough, so she doesn't go through, but not because of her sight. Mia cries. Laura cries. I sort of cry.

You've already read about Twitch, but I didn't know he was was cut in Vegas while Hok made it. He does amazing tricks and is on to Vegas. Nigel desperately wants him to win.

Hamilton is up. He is overweight, does a pretty bad dance, is reprimanded for his weight. Is this The Biggest Loser?! I like his hat, though, b/c I have one like it.

We get a 46 (!) year old (older than me) woman from Russia in a red dress dance, so they can talk about her fight to free. The age limit is 35, so this is a waste of time.

Phillip Chbeeb is back, doing awesome isolations and popping (Shane would love him) and he goes to choreography (I would have sent him to Vegas, but whatever).

William Wingfield dances to a dark contemporary piece about Katrina and other tough items. They think he hasn't done enough, but he's off to choreography, too.

Rijjy comes in on briefs and writhes on floor. Another total waste of time.

We are onto the choreography round with: Travis! Woohoo! Not enough Travis time, though. I hope we get more next week. Jonathan is a no, but Phillip and William go to Vegas with 16 others.

Onto day two. Erika Jee comes on for her third try and nails it this time as "herself." The judges no longer "scare the crap out of me." She cries. I think Mia cries. She goes back to Vegas.

We get a ballroom pair from Russia, Leonidas (I liked him better) and his partner Aliona. They say they are hot. I think they are pretty good, no Anya and Pasha. They go straight to Vegas. We get Mary's first Hallelujah.

Randy "So I think I can Dance" Lewis cannot.

Victor Kim, an awesome breaker and "goofball" goes to choreography.

We get to see Dominic in the balcony a number of times. No problem with that.

Gold Inferno is back! (Too bad.) He is even worse this year, mumbling about his fans. He goes home, angry at the judges as Cat talks him returning to his own planet, but Dom waves him on. Hysterical (not).

Ricky and Suka do a more contemporary ballroom. I love it. They've only been dancing together for three months, but no one can tell. Asuka is sick, but they still make it to Vegas.

Kherington Payne, a soccer player, does a great contemporary dance. She reminds me of Lauren (very excitable), though not as good, IMO. Dominic is fixated on her and she has the "It" factor. She goes straight to Vegas.

The highlight of the night for me is Robert Muraine. He has no formal training (Dominic, anyone?). I have never seen popping like that. He is insanely flexible. He goes straight to Vegas. I could have watched him all night. The judges could have, too. I hope he makes it to the top 20.

Finally we get the Snuggle Happy Dance from everyone, and we will every week (way to promote Snuggle, FOX).

So that's it. We'll see Utah and Texas next week.