Thursday, May 22, 2008

News Update

Today's the day!

Daniel Fienberg at From Inside The Box has more from Cat Deeley's conference call. He quotes Cat as saying

"There will definitely be another amazing Mia Michaels routine that's going to give you chills. Wade Robson is also going to do something very special for us."

So we will see Wade at some point during the season, but I'm guessing it will be something that borrows from and promotes his current project with Criss Angel.

As we so often see with the mainstream media, the Toronto Star tries, but just misses the mark. Comparing So You Think You Can Dance to Dancing With The Stars:
The Dances: Stars is all ballroom, in its various forms. Think is ballroom too – and everything else under the sun. Jazz, jive, modern, Broadway, salsa, swing, hip hop: where else would you be able to see a classically trained ballerina master and flawlessly perform "krunk"? How else would most of us even know what "krunk" means?

Some of "us" still "don't".

The LA Times follows our Mandy Moore as she choreographs non-dancers for the Idol finale.

In what I'm told is a "last minute update", pop sensation Rhianna and famed choreographer Tina Landon make a special guest appearance on tonight's Step It Up & Dance.