Wednesday, May 21, 2008

News Roundup

TWOP released an interview with Dan Karaty. Asked if there will be any changes for season 4:

You're going to be seeing obviously some new musical performances, how we have guest recording artists come out there. We got a couple surprises in the bag, and a couple other performers that'll be out there that'll surprise you. And we've mixed up the audition dates this year and we're doing new cities. Like Washington, D.C., which we've never done before. So we're going to scope out some new and different talent out there.

Dan also discusses the growing popularity of dance, Mia Michaels' creative process, and his take on Wade Robson's anti-war solos last season.

Last night was the Dance Times Square showcase. Tony & Melanie presented, Pasha & Anya performed, Sabra & Kameron were in the audience, and fortunately for us, Tonya Plank was there to report.

Commenter KJ found video of Sara Von Gillern dancing on the current Avril Lavigne tour. Check out the mohawk.
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Brett Love at TVSquad shows why he's the web's top TV dance journalist in this interview with Dancing With The Stars' Jonathan Roberts. He couldn't resist asking about So You Think You Can Dance:
Brett: One more question that I was wondering about. Now that Dancing With The Stars is ending, I'll turn my attentions to So You Think You Can Dance and I was wondering if that's something that you watch, or are you a fan?

Jonathan: Definitely. I've had several friends that have been on it, some of the ballroom dancers. We pretty much all know each other, so it's great for me to see the success that a lot of them have had on the show. What I like about So You Think You Can Dance is that there are no celebrities involved. It's basically whatever they do on screen is how people perceive them and vote for them and it really is these young kids showing off their amazing talent.

Brett: That's the biggest thing for me with that show. I'm always amazed at the level of talent they are able to bring in every year.

Jonathan: Absolutely.

ABDC's Kaba Modern performed at the APIA Vote Townhall Meeting. (Video)