Monday, May 19, 2008


Clearly, So You Think You Can Dance will be represented on Wednesday night's American Idol finale. What's not clear yet is whether it will be past season favorites or, as it was done in Australia, a random group from this season's hopefuls. Of course, Australia had no past seasons to call on. We'll know sometime Wednesday as the dancers will preview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

BuddyTV covers Cat Deeley's conference call from earlier today.

The Torontoist takes a stand:

So You Think You Can Dance is kind of like American Idol, except for the following things: the judges often offer good critical analysis and are not always grandstanding idiots, the contestants are all professional-level quality dancers in at least one subset of dance rather than simply being a bunch of interested amateurs imitating whatever they think is cool, the good performances are more interesting to watch than the trainwrecks, everybody involved acts in a reasonably classy manner, and the show does not suck.

UPDATE: Writing for MSNBC, Andy Denhart misses some of the finer points, but gets it mostly right, and his heart is in the right place.

John and Colin eventually get around to recapping last week's Step It Up & Dance after talking to another Broadway guest.

Raw Vegas has video of JabbaWockeeZ performing Apologize on a very small nightclub stage.

The Art4Life event in Hollywood tonight includes "performances by the cast of "Step It Up and Dance", Fysh'n'Chicks from "America's Best Dance Crew", and cast members of "So You Think You Can Dance" including Blake McGrath."

Loralyn and Sue B contributed to this report.