Saturday, May 31, 2008

TV Dance News Update

TVSquad's Kristin Sample recaps Charleston/DC audition show. There's a disagreement between Kristin and fellow TVSquader Jason Hughes over The Mary Issue.

Diane Macedo at Fox News:

This week’s lessons include: sob stories earn you air time, arguing with the judges will not make you look cool, second chances can be worth giving, and break dancers will never get straight through to Vegas.

There's a great shot of Brandon Bryant in mid-air. Go.

Adam B. Vary at EW asks "who doesn't love druidic lesbians?"

Ashlee Nino says: "Hey peeps I'm performing tomorrow (Sunday) with Mike Meyers and Chris Brown on the MTV movie awards...check it out!!!

A blogger from the world of martial arts is impressed with the "coordination, grace, and overall skill" of So You Think You Can Dance competitors, even the middling ones.

Step It Up & Dance's Cody Green talks to PaperMag.

Host Elizabeth Berkely has signed on for the Donnie Darko sequel, S. Darko.

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