Friday, July 11, 2008

Top 12 Results Show - Sue Brody's Recap

Tonight’s show is brought to you by the letter T, in honor of Thayne.

Well, this is the final show before the Top 10 when America gets to decide who stays and who goes each week. All of America can’t wait. I can’t wait, anyway.

Cat enters wearing a sleek black dress, but what’s that thing in her hair? It looks as if it’s going to swallow her head.

The group dance is choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha, and it’s a very entertaining hip hop piece. The dancers are dressed in red shirts that glow in thedark. I love the movement and synchronicity; it’s just a fun number.

Before the results begin, Nigel tells us that Phillip Chbeeb has agreed to battle Robert Muraine on the finale show (at least they finally asked him). The audience cheers, and then Nigel reminds us to tune in anyway, to see who wins the show. Okay, I will, Nigel, since you’ve told us to.

The first couples on the stage are Comfort/Thayne and Katee/Joshua. The producers always show us clips that typically let you know who is safe and who is in the bottom three. Cat says “either of you are in danger…Comfort and Thayne, you are the first couple in the bottom three.” I don’t know who is surprised by that result. Mia says that it is inevitable that they are here. America got it right, and have been telling you every week that you aren’t connecting but that you are never hearing it. She wants them to stay, however, though it’s pretty obvious that Thayne is leaving and if it’s not Comfort, it’s Jessica going home, but probably the former.

During the break, we see the X-Files trailer for “I Want to Believe,” and I do a (non-Snuggles) happy dance and already plan to see the movie as soon as it opens on July 25th.

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The next two couples are Jessica/Will and Chelsie/Mark, and they show us Mark signs in the audience. After the clips, Cat says, “Who is in the bottom…Chelsie and Mark…it’s not you.” This means, of course, that Jessica and Will are, surprising just about no one. Mary said that her heart is aching (then why not support Jessica more every week?!) and that their first (contemporary) dance was phenomenal (it was) the night before and that she will be fighting for them. I want to know why she hasn’t been fighting for Jessica every week if such is the case.

The final two couples are Twitchington (Twitch/Kherington) and Gev/Courtney. This is a bit more suspenseful, but not when we see the clips. Mia pointed out that Gevney was of her top couples, while Nigel said that Twitchington murdered their dance routine (not in a good way), and Cat tells us that the latter is in the bottom three. Nigel states that he is looking forward to their solos, as they are one of his favorite couples. However, their dancing showed that they were slightly uncomfortable but that this week they might be safe. (You think, Nigel? You and the other judges get to choose who is safe, and I bet you make the final call.)

Three members of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company are the featured dancers of the week. They perform to “Sinner Man” by Billy Porter, and it is stunning. The dancers have gorgeous lines, use the stage brilliantly, perform individually and then together, and the entire piece is magnificent, The judges give them a prolonged standing ovation.

After some more Snuggles happy dancing (but no video winners this week, at least), we get to the solos.

Comfort dances to “Oh Timabland” by Timbaland. She has on a pink V REAL t-shirt that might mean For Real (other dancers have on the t-shirt) and is stronger this week than during previous weeks. She has more energy, uses the stage well, and shows attitude. She even smiles! Cat asks about her shoulder and she says “it’s not clicking or nothing!” At least she brought it this week.

Thayne dances to “Come Home” by One Republic. He has beautiful lines and shows passion; it’s probably his best solo of the competition, and most of his have been strong. Cat says that he has been here before, and does the pressure get easier. He says never easier, and Cat says, “We love having you in the competition, if just for your smile,” and I quite certain and very sad that he will be going home.

Jessica dances to “Best for Last by Adele”. I wonder if this prescient. It’s a nice solo, though not outstanding. Cat asks her how difficult the competition is, and Jessica says, “It’s pressure beyond belief, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” I hope the judges keep her.

Will dances to “Darijan” by Kodo, and it’s another terrific solo. He is shirtless, simply wearing tight black shorts (to better show off his body), and this routine has an African vibe. Cat says, “I’m glad you were in the bottom three, your solo was beautiful, and I know Debbie Allen is proud of you.” There is no way Will is going home.

Kherington dances to “All We Are” by One Republic (I love One Republic, but is there some arrangement so that their music will be used every week? It’s just strange.), and her solo is as dynamic as her blue dress, blowing the other girls out of the water. Cat asks how much it would mean for her to go on tour with the others, and she answers, “It would mean so much, everything, the whole world.” She doesn’t need to worry, as she was safe before she even danced.

Twitch is the final soloist, dancing to “We Gonna Win” by Miri Ben-Ari. This is where I differ from the many other viewers; I just wasn’t jazzed by his solo. I feel as if he has danced far better in the past. He has on a black jacket but ends by opening it to show off a Superman t-shirt, a cool, Twitch-like touch. Cat notices that he seems “dazed and confused” after he finishes and asks if he is alright. He says that he just got a little bit overwhelmed, and then explains about his choosing this solo that kind of confuses me. He leaves the stage and the judges say they don’t want to leave, as is always the case before they make the final cuts for the season (thank goodness). Katy Perry, “one of this summer’s biggest break-out stars”, according to Cat (true), sings “I Kissed a Girl,” wearing a very short yellow dress. She sings it with energy—if you like the song, you liked her performance—but I was especially taken by the enthusiastic boy band members in back of her, in particular the mop-topped guitarist. I’m not sure if she lip synched the song, but she definitely sang along to a tape during the chorus, as it would have been impossible for her to sing both alto and soprano at the same time.

At last we get to the results. Nigel starts with the girls, as he always does, and says, “Kherington, you reminded everyone that you are not just a pretty face. You danced brilliantly and have grown so much across the season, and go and sit down, and she happily leaves the stage. Then we get to the real drama: Comfort vs. Jessica (my money’s on Jessica). Nigel says that Comfort “brought it” with her solo, while Jessica’s was disappointing. However, Jessica has had at least one strong routine each week (and one weak one, and yes, we know that, Nigel), and though Comfort brings a different style to the competition, they are going to keep Jessica. Comfort takes the news very graciously, and says that this has been the best experience ever. She has only has had “2 ½ (years dancing) of what y’all have been doing,” and that “this is not the end of me, I’m not gonna stop, this is not it.” She and Cat hug, and she bounces over to the seats. This is the first time I remember a contestant being so cool with the results.

Finally Nigel gets to the guys. He begins by saying, “Twitch, I’m glad you were in the bottom three so we could see your unique style and musicality. This wakes everyone up, but we certainly can’t leave you at this stage of the competition and go sit down.” A friend of mine notes that she didn’t see his unique style and musicality during his solo, but I point out that he has been a favorite of the judges for two years. Next up is Will, and Nigel states that “We have had the unique opportunity of watching you dance, that you would not be out of place with the Alvin Ailey boys tonight (I actually thought that as I watched them dance), and that we certainly can’t lose you tonight. I am happy to have Debbie Allen in the audience if we get to see you dance, and go sit down.” Now I am really upset, because how is this a way to deliver the news to Thayne; by default?

And then Nigel says something that really takes me aback. He says that “I have to say this, and it might sound cruel, but this is one of the times we would have liked to have kept all three boys and lost two girls.” While I have to say I somewhat agree—I wanted to keep Thayne—I can’t imagine how much this hurt Jessica. They should just eliminate her already and stop the torture. Nigel also notes that Mia is very upset at losing you (Thayne) tonight, and I know she will be working with you very soon, but that we were unanimous. We cut to Mia, who has her head in her hands, and then we get to the highlight montage to “Believe” by Staind. (Thank you to Natalie for that information—how can we know each week when it isn’t posted or stated?!), though still don’t know what music the producers used for Comfort’s highlight package). While Cat says that Thayne has been absolutely amazing and a joy to be around, the show’s time is up and Thayne never gets to speak! This happened last year to Sabra and Danny but at least Sabra won the competition and Danny was the runner-up! Absolutely wrong. As the credits continue to roll, Comfort hugs Jessica, the guys sort of hug Thayne, and the show ends.

I predict that the final four will be Will, Mark, Chelsie, and Katee, but it will be an interesting Top 10. See you next week.

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