Friday, June 15, 2007

Blogger Saestina lives in the UK and had to wait to download the show. She knows dance and writes an engaging review of both of this week's shows.

"Lacey and Kameron (Mia Michael’s contemporary): There’s something so obvious about giving Lacey contemporary for the first show, but I’m really glad they did. I got so sick of all the back and forth last year about Benji’s contemporary skills or lackthereof, which largely had to be inferred since he never got straight-up, hard-core contemporary. So I like that they gave Lacey this kind of make-or-break moment right at the beginning, to quell any doubts about her abilities and versatility and to show that she really is an extremely different dancer from her brother. Hopefully people will approach her with an open mind now. Beautiful piece, really great couple with some great chemistry, looking forward to watching this partnership develop."