Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our Take

Hok and Jaimie
We agree with Dan Karaty, ultimately forgettable. One problem with being a unique talent like Hok, is that in the SYTYCD format, he may not have much opportunity to do what he excels at, being himself. Jaimie did well for being out of her element.

Danny and Anya
Interesting couple dynamics here. Danny got a much better edit this time and came off as more likable and almost fun. Anya is the consummate professional. She may be the best match Danny could have drawn from this group, as we get the impression she can keep him in line. He looked great all in black. Danny is one of those people you might say would look great in anything, but don't be surprised if the SYTYCD wardrobe department has him looking ridiculous at some point in the season. We doubt either Danny or Anya will be departing on the hot tamale train anytime soon.

Kameron and Lacey
Ok, Lacey won us over. Who knew? Kameron was solid, exactly what Mia's choreography called for.

D'Trix and Sabra
D'Trix is fun, but he better have some trix to keep him and Sabra around for long. Brown polyester pants and a see-through shirt? And that thing Sabra was wearing? Accurate, I guess, but it reminded me too much of avocado appliances.

Ricky and Ashlee
Ricky is a talented dancer, but he looked like a 12 year old Michael Corleone dancing with somebody's big sister at a mob wedding. It's unfortunate for Ashlee that she didn't get matched with one of the taller guys, we'd really like to see more of her, and Ricky.

Jesus and Sara
We thought Wade Robson's choreography looked a lot like last year's Ramalama Bang Bang, except for the part about Ramalama being good. We like Jesus and are excited about Sara, they both did what they could, but we won't be hitting the Tivo rewind button for last night's effort.

Pasha and Jessi
Wow. Not our favorite kind of dance, but wow. Jessi looked great, despite having left some laundry out to dry. She floated around the stage as if on a cloud. Pasha was handsome and dashing, the perfect dance partner. I think this one, along with Lacey's performance tonight, will stand out in our collective memory.

Cedric and Faina
Props to Faina for working so hard, and we hope Cedric survives as we think he has a lot to show us. Cedric gets best wardrobe honors, except for the red leggings. If they both make it to next week, it would be fascinating to see them tackle a ballroom number.

Neil and Lauren
If you had read some of the online forums before last night, you would have thought Neil had the teenage girl vote, and thus probably the whole season, locked up. His lackluster performance flattened that curve. Lauren didn't do much to help. They'll both be around next week though.

Jimmy and Shauna
The fun couple of the night, and if they last long enough, they could be the fun couple of the season. We enjoyed their energy and hope to see more of them. Poor Jimmy gets worst wardrobe honors.