Thursday, June 14, 2007

West Coast Spoiler

The opening was a Wade Robson choreographed piece for the top 20. Very stylish.
Hok and Jaimie are safe.
Danny and Anya are safe.
Dominic and Sabra are in the bottom 3.
Lacey and Kameron are up next. No question they stay if our poll is any indication.
They're safe.
Ricky and Ashlee are up next. They are on the bubble.
Ricky and Ashlee are in the bottom 3.
Nigel says he is saddened. Height difference is an issue, he says.
Sara and Jesus are up next.
They are safe.
Pasha and Jessi are up next, favorites here at the blog.
One more couple will be in the bottom 3 from Cedric and Faina, Neil and Lauren, and Jimmy and Shauna.
Neil and Lauren up first.
They're safe.
It's down to Faina & Cedric and Jimmy & Shauna.
If our poll is any indication, it will be Faina & Cedric.
Faina & Cedric are in bottom 3, Jimmy & Shauna are safe.
Mary goes to bat for Faina & Cedric.
Here's Benji.
Benji rocks the house and displays the stars and stripes.
Sabra is first up. Wow! She's got skillZ!
Dominic's up next.
He spins and twirls.
Ashlee's good, but not as good as Sabra.
Ricky's impressive.
2 more to go.
Lloyd, whose song Shawty was used by Cedric and Faina, will perform next.
Faina dances.
She looks great and dances well.
Cedric up.
He shows why he got to the top 20.
The judges, Nigel, Mary, and Dan Karaty, retire to deliberate.
Lloyd performs.
Sabra up first. She's safe.
Faina up next. She's safe.
Ashlee is going home.
Ashlee: "Thank you for this opportunity".
Guys up. Ricky first. Cedric next. Cedric's safe!
Dominic up. Dominic stays! Ricky goes home.
Nigel: "We're heartbroken".
End of show.
Ricky and Ashlee go home. As they were paired, there will be no changes in couples next week.