Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Kelly Clarkson Of Dance?

What's the difference between being The American Idol and being America's Favorite Dancer? Money mostly, but there's extra pressure to being the Idol, according to this article at Austin360.

Professional dancers are background players with the professional lifespan of athletes — becoming the Kelly Clarkson of dance is a market impossibility. With lowered stakes comes a much more enjoyable, much more relaxing show. Everyone dances their hearts out, delivering ephemeral pop thrills that "Idol" has become too important for, knowing full well that if they're really lucky, a director or choreographer might remember them. The public sure won't and that's fine.


To further illustrate the writer's point, I realized, upon publishing this article, that So You Think You Can Dance season one winner Nick Lazzarini has not been mentioned in this blog, until now. Ouch!