Sunday, June 24, 2007

Take A Deep Breath And Relax

My apologies for neglecting it.

John at Theory My Culture writes another thought provoking post:

Funny that, amidst this sudden anxiety about “chemistry” and trying so hard to re-render the male dancers as models of straight masculinity, we hear the judges fawning over Danny. I remember the initial complaints from the judges that he was “arrogant” and “empty.” Well, we now see that he’s arrogant because he’s so ******* unbelievably talented and good. And he’s hardly empty. He actually seems a little over-full to me; he’s clearly from a complex emotional past that is still raw. But he’s both effeminate as hell and a master at playing a role. The carriage of his body is really remarkable, completely taking over the ballroom forms he’s done thus far. Mia talked about his hands in the last show, and I’d noticed them as well. They’re spectacular as part of his movement. But, seriously, hands? At the moment that the judges get collectively anxious about the lack of straight manliness, they are fawning over how a man uses his hands in dance?