Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Donyelle Needs Your Bad Dance

From season 2 favorite Donyelle Jones' MySpace blog:

Send me your Bad Dance pics

We are trying to put the final touches on the Bad Dance website and I want you guys to help out.

We are looking for VERY COOL bad dance PICTURES to use on the front page banner of the site. So send your BAD DANCE PICS to

We will use the best one for the official banner. The rest will live on the image page on the site.

Please! Only use the images that you own the rights to. So don't send pictures that someone owns. In the subject header or in the body of the email say " has permission to use the image attached"

Lastly, let me know your name, myspace page address and where you are from.

Thanks you guys. Continue to send in your Baddance videos! THEY ARE GREAT!!

I have a couple surprise BAD DANCE VIDEOS that you will all LOVE. TRUST ME ;)

We will take submissions for a week


Benji does the bad dance thing:

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