Saturday, June 23, 2007

Interviews With Jimmy And Faina

Jimmy Arguello expresses understandable frustration about being eliminated from the top 18 in this interview with BuddyTV:

Q: The judges pretty much admitted that you had been better than Cedric in the competition, is it frustrating to have to deal with the unfairness of being eliminated instead of him?

A: Yes it most definitely is unfair. It's hard to hear that because the last couple of the seasons on the show they always, they’re always behind all the all-around dancers, they were always sticking up for the all-around dancers the first and second season and for some reason this season they’re looking for uniqueness, but to tell you the truth everybody is unique, that’s why they had me on the show. Everybody there is unique every, everybody has their own sense of style and I just think that it was kind of unfair for what they decided, it really was. I'm just so scared for Shauna, I really am scared because he's gonna put her in the bottom 3. He is really gonna put her in the bottom 3 and I just don't think that's fair, it's just hard but I mean he's great at what he does, but this competition is about all around, you gotta pick up choreography because then you're gonna be putting yourself and putting your partner in danger. So it was just really tough for me to be myself going home. It was just really, really hard. I was just really surprised, I really was.


Faina Savich, on being partnered with Cedric Gardner:
Q: For the last two weeks, how difficult was it being partnered with Cedric who didn't have any really formal experience?

A: Honestly, I was very excited when I was paired up with him because in Vegas I saw him and he just totally blew my mind, seriously, because they showed his audition and just the way he moves I’ve never seen anything like it and really he would just amaze me and when I got paired up with him I knew it would be difficult because he doesn't have formal training and I knew that we would have difficult days just to learn from each other, but I was excited, I was really excited to learn from him because to do that, I was excited to know how he does it, you know.