Saturday, June 23, 2007

The World's Most Famous Toe Shaver

We don't hear Dominic Sandoval called D'Trix after his contemporary performance with partner Sabra Johnson on the season 3 top 18 show. His hometown paper, the Roseville Press-Tribune talked to him recently.

Sandoval said although he never had any prior formal training in styles other than break dancing, the show's training in Southern California has been terrific.

"The choreographers are really awesome," he said. "They really push you and train you hard because they are getting judged, too. They are just amazing at what they do."


That brings to mind a point I've been meaning to mention. All the talk of Dominic being a tough, swaggering b-boy during the auditions...HE'S FROM ROSEVILLE, PEOPLE! I've never been there, but how tough can a city named Roseville be? Oh yeah, and he shaves his toes.