Thursday, June 21, 2007

EW's Recap

Elaine Clarke at

Who was good? Jessi and Pasha's bird-pecking, feathered, out-there contemporary routine, just because it was unlike anything we'd seen before, and yes, as Mia said, ''quirkiest, most ridiculous, amazing.'' Sabra and Dominic's contemporary piece (more birds here), where Sabra proved she is Aileyesque and D was totally committed. (He admitted he'd shaved his toes ''because it was a jungle down there.'') Anya and Danny's beautiful Viennese (now I want to call it Vietnamese, Cat) waltz, where Danny's grace and technical ability was on full display. (I smell hip-hop coming their way.) I would have included Sara and Jesús, who are my favorite underrated couple, in this section, but the song they had to do the paso to (Queen's ''We Will Rock You'') just killed it for me. It's a shame because Jesús had lovely Spanish dance lines throughout (rounded arms, chest forward and pelvis tucked) and Sara, as someone with no dance training, held her own, in heels no less.