Sunday, May 25, 2008

Haitian Popper (Video) BUMPED & UPDATED

A Youtube find. An amazing popper entertains during halftime of a soccer game in Port-au-Prince. Unfortunately, his name is not listed. UPDATE: He goes by the name of Robot Scorpion.
Uploaded by doxa

UPDATE: Sorry for the bump. It won't become a habit, but we'd like to explore the possibility of finding this guy and getting him some international bookings, assuming he wants them. Given the circumstances in Haiti, there can't be many opportunities for a dancer to make a living, and the entire country can use all the economic stimulus it can get.

First, it would be great if we can get this video seen and elevated to the status of internet meme (link nsfw). It's currently at 375,575 views on Youtube. That's good, but probably not enough to attract mainstream attention. Please post it to any appropriate blogs or send it to any friends who would enjoy it. The video is at, or you can link to it here.

Second, we'll need a legitimate talent booking agency who can line up some gigs for him. Any help with that would be appreciated. Third, we'll need someone with contacts in Haiti to help us locate him. We get one clue from doxa, the Youtube video poster:

The dance was during halftime at a match between Haitian companies in a tournament sponsored by Comme Il Faut (tobacco company). You see that the guy's t-shirt says Comme Il Faut with a big C (after he reverses it).

BSYTYCD will be happy to act as a coordination point, with no financial interest. Please contact us at if you can help.

UPDATE 2: The music is by Carimi, Amazon link here.

UPDATE 3: He goes by the name Robot Scorpion. I found a couple of references to him on the web. Through the mist of online translators, it appears he is known in Haitian entertainment circles, and may have won a talent competition.

Update 4: It appears I overestimated the interest. Le Nouveliste provided me a phone number for Robot Scorpion, but there's not much reason to move forward at this point.