Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance News Update

It seems my cable provider is allowing me access to the internet, at least for the moment. Lots of stuff to catch up on, and we have 4 hours of new programming over the next 2 nights. Buckle up!

Kelly points us to Robert Muraine's website. Lots of great videos, but she warns that the resume page may contain a spoiler regarding his top 20 status.

Richard Rushfield at the LA Times:

"Dance" is part of an almost spiritual mission to raise the profile of dance in American culture, to raise the prospects for professional dancers and to make dance an accepted and prized part of daily life.

Lacey Schwimmer says she "will be dancing on the mtv movie awards june 1st... for adam sandler."

She's been a friend to BSYTYCD since way back, so we're happy to learn that Rambling Gypsy will be covering So You Think You Can Dance this season.

Our favorite crazy French-Canadian ballroom choreographer, Jean Marc Généreux, wants French speaking Canadian dancers to feel welcome on SYTYCD Canada:
"I want to be a judge because the judge has a very important task - to shape the show," Généreux said.

"Our decisions will influence the quality of the dancers. Being a guy from Quebec and a francophone, I think it's very important to add this (Quebec) texture to the show. I want to make sure every single demographic feels welcome," he continued.

Généreux hopes his presence will help more Quebecers come out of the woodwork and showcase their talent on the show.

In another article, he says
"We're looking for intelligence, talent and honesty," Généreux said Tuesday. "The most talented dancer may not win. The most intelligent dancer will win."

Grab an empty cup and chat with Kev & Kim. What? Cat Deeley isn't French?

Smarm site Defamer goes out of its way to be a buzzkill for Jack Chambers.

Our friend Buffmetube makes up for it by celebrating Australia's Favorite Dancer.