Saturday, May 31, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance News Roundup

Mega-bestselling novelist Orson Scott Card judges reality TV judges and hosts in the second half of Uncle Orson Reviews Everything at Rhino Times. It's pretty clear he's a fan of our favorite show.

What I love about the So You Think You Can Dance format is that the third judge position cycles among various choreographers – these judges actually get in the room with the dancers and put their own talent on the line. And when they critique, they know these dancers from having worked with them.

My favorite of the choreographer-judges is Mia Michaels. At first I thought she was needlessly cruel sometimes, but no – she is passionate and heartfelt. When she is harsh, it's because she's angry – and usually she's right to be angry. It's never for effect.

Hok Konishi blogs at Myspace:
I have also been drawing a whole lot more this year... have a lot to work on but I have been getting a lot of artistic inspirations and random ideas in my head. lots of stuff going on up there... believe me haha... if only i could show the world whats in my head:) I made a new album on my picture page so please check em out if you have some extra time!

My main focus is now on QUEST. Been chilling and building stuff with them more this year... hopefully we can just get better and better!!!... no not hopefully, we will!!!

just remember the name for now... QUEST

He added some great videos, many of which we've posted here, but not this one. Hok and Dominic Sandoval at NYCDA.

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It's interesting, the range of reactions to Jason "Betty Wallace" Looney's "audition" at Queerty. And what kind of drag name is Betty Wallace anyway? I doubt Regime Dettol would approve.

I bookmarked this, a glossary of dance styles at The Phrontistery.

LJ Blogger pricelessone obviously put some time and care into this "Where Are They Now" post. videoblogs the record-setting So You Think You Can Dance dance-off in LA last week.

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