Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Commenting System UPDATED

Please help us test a new commenting system from Features of the system include the ability for commenters to establish and maintain an identity on blogs enabled with Disqus. Readers can rate comments to help make sure only good comments stay in the conversation. Rated comments contribute to a commenter's clout, or reputation, on blogs across the web. There is a community page provided to follow comments, and it even allows users to comment by video.

There is a tour of the system aimed at publishers here, or you can see it in use at the Leoville blog.

We'd like to know how you like it, so please comment away. Thanks!

UPDATE: I see there's no link to comment. Hang on while I see what's going on with that.

UPDATE 2: It's fixed. Big thanks to Jason at for a quick response.

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