Thursday, July 24, 2008

Courtney & Will's Slow Hiphop (Video)

Courtney Galiano & Will Wingfield - Slow Hiphop - Napoleon & Tabitha

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From a reader:

I’m writing this e-mail to comment on Courtney and Will’s dance to Alicia Keys “Like you’ll never see me again.” I was touched to tears with their performance. The reason I was so touched is because my husband passed away on February 18th (1 day before his 48th birthday), he passed away at home and before he passed, our niece brought in this song and played it for me as I laid next to my husband. I listen to this song daily and still I cry. Nigel’s comment on how this dance touches one’s emotions who have lost a loved one was so right. I will forever cry for my husband and mourn him, and we should all take heart to what the words of this song say. Most of us take our love one’s for granted and don’t stop to think that maybe they won’t be here as long as we think. I long for my husband and wish we would have done so much more together in our life, we had so many long term plans and in a matter of 6 days after being diagnosed with brain cancer he was gone from me. I will never be able to hug him, kiss him, hold him or tell him I love him and have him tell me back again. Courtney and Will’s performance was beautiful and I loved it. I watched it through tears and still enjoyed it. I miss my husband terribly, but my memories of him will keep him alive forever. Thank you Courtney and Will and Thank you Choreographers for putting together and performing a dance to this song that will forever be remembered.

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