Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ryan Rankine Update

Our friend Melissa in Seattle writes:

So I went to see the "DANCE THIS" performance last night in Seattle. It's a multi-cultural dance workshop that culminates in a performance where the students perform choreography from the workshop with cultural dance companies and professional dancers. A company called Creative Outlet DanceTheatre of Brooklyn came onstage to perform a beautiful Contemporary piece called "Forces". The dancers were incredible and not a minute into the performance, I recognized Ryan Rankine from Season 2!!!!! I was seated in the front row and watching him dance that close was fantastic. His technique, flexibilty and style are impeccable.

I located the company's website as well as Ryan's website:

Strangely, Ryan is not listed in the company biographies, however his photo is featured on the website's front page. Perhaps he is a newer member and they haven't had a chance to add his bio.

Just wanted to share in case you wanted to update your readers on what he's up to.

In dance,

Melissa in Seattle

Thanks Melissa! I found a video about Creative Outlet Dance Company in Brooklyn. It appears to be from a cable access show with a definite point of view, but you get lots of clips of the company performing. Also, I spotted Kevin Hunte, who made it deep into the Las Vegas round of season 3.

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