Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SYTYCD News Update

Mia Michaels did an interview with SheKnows and says that she knows (I'm less than clever) why the winners of So You Think You Can Dance haven't made it "big" like the winners of American Idol:

    "Nobody's taken what they've done on the show and made it blow up. I try to talk to them and we have agents come in to talk to them. I say, 'Don't teach,' because they're offered tons of money for it. But they're children! They're wasting years of being great dancers and performers to teach other children. They need to be dancing while they can!"

Our very own Ted had a hand in hooking up Robert Muraine with the BuskerFest people, so we're more than happy to see them announce Robert's involvement with the event!

The Behind-the-Scenes video with Napoleon and Tabitha we posted about previously is finally up on YouTube.

Uploaded by FoxBroadcasting

The Behind-the-Scenes video with Nakul's Top 10 routine is "posted" on the big, slow website, but if you click on it, nothing loads. We'll post it as soon as it becomes available.

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