Thursday, July 24, 2008

Poll Results And Predictions

Our poll was extremely close on the guys' side this week. It appears Mark Kanemura may just survive, despite predictions. Dial Idol agrees. Look for Comfort to leave again tonight. Twitch and Will are in jeopardy.

Prediction: If Will is in the bottom 2 tonight but survives, look for a Desmond Richardson Pas De Deux style hookup for him next week to get him into the top 4.

Full poll results after the jump...

757 readers voted. Thanks for voting!

Comfort Fedoke

21 (2%)

Will Wingfield

166 (21%)

Katee Shean

272 (35%)

Mark Kanemura

264 (34%)

Chelsie Hightower

161 (21%)

Joshua Allen

172 (22%)

Courtney Galiano

125 (16%)

Twitch Boss

151 (19%)

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