Friday, July 25, 2008

Natalie's Top 8 Results Show Music Recap

FOX/Kelsey McNeal

I'm formatting things a bit differently in an effort to get this post up before the weekend starts. So last night was surprising for most. I wasn't surprised. Not at this point in the game. Anything goes. Some people even go twice.

Chuck Maldonado’s Top 8 Routine

It’s nice to see a new choreographer. Different points of view are always appreciated. Their make-up reminded me of Mia’s The Moment I Said It routine from last year. I think that this choreography stood up a bit better to the SYTYCD stage than some routines have in the past. The choppy camera cuts are back in full force.

Universal Mind Control (UMC) – Common

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Pas de Deux performed by Eddy Tovar and Aubrey Morgan

When I heard Pas de Deux last week, this is what I thought they meant. Obviously I was wrong. As far as Pas de Deux’s go, I wasn’t crazy about this one. Although, I am impressed with SYTYCD’s openness this year to different dance styles. Exposing us to all dance. Much like Ted does.

The Man I Love – From the ballet Who Cares?

Comfort’s Solo

You can’t hate Comfort for her positive attitude. It’s endearing. And she danced hard tonight.

Like This – Mims

Will’s Solo

His movement is different every single time. Did you ever notice that certain dancers have certain moves that they do each time they dance on that stage? Will changes it up every time. The little Bollywood-infusion was wonderful. I may not have loved Will, but he brought a diversity to the show that will probably go unmatched.

Closer – Goapele

Courtney’s Solo

She went back to her manic movement tonight. The song was intense, so I can see why that happened. But uh, she needs to tone it down a bit.

Passion – Kreesha Turner

Twitch’s Solo

Twitch’s routine was interesting. Nothing really stuck out in my mind. I just like how he moves.

Hollywood Swinging – Kool & the Gang

LL Cool J’s performance

Um, I was less than inspired by this. But looking at LL for 4 or 5 minutes is never a hardship.

LL Cool J feat. The Dream

Comfort’s Montage Song (again)

I wish Fox would find some different artists. As much as I love OneRepublic and appreciate the exposure for them, there are tons of wonderful artists out there that could use the leg up.

Come Home – OneRepublic

Will’s Montage Song

I expected Twitch's name to come out of Cat's mouth, but I wasn't surprised when it was Will's. The audience is smarter than the judges give it credit for. Pimping a contestant will get you no where. People forget to vote for them or they prefer the underdog.

Love Remains the Same – Gavin Rossdale

Top 8 Results Show Music Recap
SYTYCD Top 8 Results Show Music

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