Saturday, July 5, 2008

News Update

Mark Kanemura gets the weekend cover story at Hawaii's

Ducky & GMMR podcast their recaps of this week's performance show.

Some people just can't let Wade Robson go. Kristin, it's not that difficult to find out what he's doing these days.

Benji and Thayne: separated at birth?

Hal Boedecker of the Orlando Sentinel has some guest spoilers for next week's results show.

The Contra-Costa Times writer Dino-Ray Ramos (Is that not the coolest name ever?) recaps America's Best Dance Crew:

There are four key phrases (that I can remember) that you need to say if you’re a judge on America’s Best Dance Crew:

1.) You turnt it out.
2.) You smashed it.
3.) You killed it.
4.) I respect and/or appreciate that.


I don't see it, but MTV's Remote Control blog thinks Phresh Select's Lil O should be called Lil Shane.

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