Friday, July 4, 2008

SYTYCD News Update

The Shankman dishes on this season's contestants for LA Times. Thanks to GerritV for the link.

EW's Adam B. Vary was at the Monday performance show taping. Apparently, Nigel couldn't even remember one dancer's name:

I realized why this season's been such a nonstarter for so many viewers. There's been no Dominic, no Sara, no Ivan — no appealing underdog who's shown real, true improvement and growth week to week, allowing us a sense of progression throughout the season. All the dancers have either remained at the same level they started at — and that includes the out-of-the-box fabulous Joshua — or have faltered slightly since Vegas and the top 20. It's appeared to me that the judges have been working overtime to make Jessica this season's ''story,'' to set her up for some impending moment of triumph, but they've piled on so much at this point that she could just as easily crumple under the pressure. (Behind-the-scenes tidbit No. 3: It really didn't help matters when Nigel had to re-record saying Jessica's name a few times during the first ad break because, as he mouthed to someone off stage, he'd plumb forgot it when they were filming his comments.)


Dance critic Rachel Howard, writing for the Voice Of Dance:
So You Think You Can Dance doubled the ante this week with each of the top seven couples dancing not one, but two routines. Everything became twice as clear: Who’s brilliant and who ought to go home pronto; who’s holding their partners back (and I don’t mean just Jessica); and whose technique ain’t going to cut it. The hip hoppers are at a growing disadvantage now, training-wise, and yet, two of them are emerging as serious contenders, while the other two have probably stretched their crossover talents to the limit.


Still catching up.

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