Friday, July 4, 2008

Sue Brody's Top 14 Results Show Recap

Happy Fourth of July! I deleted last night's SYTYCD results show (sob), but I took notes and will carry on.

Cat is wearing a pretty red dress, but for some reason has decided to walk like an Egyptian (remember the Bangles?). She has on a big chunky gold necklace that looks like it's from the days of King Tut, with her hair done up in a pigtail bun, and six inch high gold heels. I'm confused.

The first number is from Cabaret...

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...and is choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. I normally like his work, but this piece seems to be mostly a lot of posing and kicking and running around, using a piano and a door as props. I don't know who is being spotlighted and I don't really care, though I like the sparkly suit one of the dancers wears. Last year's final four cabaret routine was a lot more entertaining, IMO. After the dance, Tyce is introduced, and we are treated to a montage of Tyce critiques during auditions. Again, I'm confused. Wednesday night had far too much jammed into two hours, and Thursday night's begins with filler. I think someone needs to write to Nigel for an explanation.

Finally, we get to the results. First up are Twitchington and Katee and Joshua, to thunderous applause. After their dances are reviewed, Cat asks, "Which one of you is in danger? Katee and Joshua, it's not you...and Twitch and Kherington, it's not you, either." This fake out didn't surprise that many people, including me, I gather (Cat has been schooled by Mary Murphy), and the four of them leave the stage in joy.

Next up are Kourtni and Matt. After the clips, Cat says, "You've been in the bottom 3 twice before. Has America given you a break? No, they haven't, and you will be dancing for survival." NapTab note how strong the two of them were during the auditions, but that they haven't connected with America, and the couple leaves the stage.

Courtney and Gev and Chelsie and Mark are introduced. We see and hear positive comments from the judges for both couples, so I hope they are both safe, as these are the two pairs I voted for, but Cat says that Courtney and Gev are the second couple in the bottom three. However, Nigel intimates that some dancers have to end up there each week but... it's pretty clear he wants them both to stay in the competition, I think, anyway, and I stop worrying.

The final grouping is the most interesting: Comfort and Thayne and Jessica and Will. After the clips, Cat announces that the final couple in the bottom 3 is...Comfort and Thayne. Jessica and Will run off the stage with palpable joy and relief. Cat asks Mary what went wrong. She notes the new partnership, and says that Comfort is a a real asset to the show, and that Thayne is there for any partner he has and that he was amazing in the group number. At this point, I have a strong sense that Kourtni and Matt will be eliminated, as they did not receive such high praise.

Tonight's dancer is Robert Muraine, and not surprisingly he is terrific. His popping, isolations, and flexible moves are as sharp as ever, and he even adds a sunglasses move toward the end for good measure. The judges give him a standing ovation and Nigel says that he is "sorry we lost you so early on when you gave up" (ouch). However, he states that Phillip Chbeeb is also fantastic (he is, but where did that come from?), and he would love to see a dance off between the two of them (oh, I get it). The audience goes wild, as do I, and within seconds it is arranged, pending Philip's agreement, which the producers might already have. If his has already been arranged (I assume it has), it will be part of the finale and will rock the house.

After the break, we are subjected to more Snuggle Happy Dancing and another winner of the video contest, and I feel badly for the dancers, who have to pretend to care. I certainly don't. And then...finally...we get to the solos.

Kourtni's solo is intense and really well danced, not at all surprisingly, but I don't really see the sense of joy the judges asked for. Matt shows his characteristic great technique, but his solo reminds me of last week's. Courtney's solo, her first, is full of energy. Gev dances to Fatboy Slim (I love Fatboy Slim) and he is amazing, with insane tricks--he shows off all of his b-boy moves--and I can't imagine him going home. Comfort's solo is pretty good, and she seems more comfortable than usual, but doesn't look happy when she stands next to Cat. And Thayne's solo to Queen feels different and more powerful than in previous weeks. Again, I suspect that Kourtni and Matt will be sent home.

And at last, to the results. Nigel looks pretty unhappy this week, and goes into a longer than usual explanation. He says that has done seven seasons of American Idol and four seasons of SYTYCD, and and he doesn't think he ever cared as much as he does this year. He notes that the vote on the girls is not unanimous (first time this season) and starts by saying that Courtney has always risen to the choreographer's challenge, and that is why they are keeping her. I think he wanted Jessica in the bottom three instead, but in any case she runs off the stage. He then says that Comfort did NOT get his vote tonight, but that she got the others' and that Kourtni is going home. There are a lot of unhappy fans in the audience, and Comfort cries. After the highlights package, Kourtni says she could talk for hours and how much the competition has meant to her. A lot of fans hope she is an alternate on the tour.

Finally, they get to the guys, and Nigel begins by saying that this is the first time Gev has done his thing and it was amazing (true), and to go sit down. And at last, we get to the two contemporary guys, and I suspect that Nigel doesn't care which of them goes home, because the other one probably will next week. He says that Thayne and Matt are in this same situation every week; however, Matt came into the competition at a high level and that's where he stayed and he will be leaving the show. (Remember, Nigel likes to see growth.) The package is shown, and Cat said he was a gentleman. He says his family and friends were 100% behind him and the contestants are the best dancers in the world, and the show concludes. I suspect that the producers did not want to break up a new couple, particularly a new couple, and it will be interesting to see who is in the bottom three next week. especially if Jessica and Comfort end up there again. See you next week.

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