Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SYTYCD News Update

Writing for MSNBC.com Craig Berman examines how So You Think You Can Dance's format leaves much to chance for contestants.

BuddyTV's Gina Scarpa power ranks the top 7 females.

Us Magazine has a quick visit with Napoleon & Tabitha. Be honest, wouldn't you like to hang out with them sometime?

LauraBelle at Viewpoints on this season's new choreographers and dancers:

The most puzzling thing about these replacements, though, is that Nigel and the others can't seem to let it go. It seems every week we have to hear about what a great job the choreographers are doing. Yes, they are, but they're not the ones being judged. Nigel even went as far as telling Napoleon and Tabitha he's glad they signed with the number one dance show, and obvious crack towards Sparks who has a larger role on America's Next Best Dance Crew.

It's a shame that the politics are happening behind, and sometimes in front, of the scenes like that, as the reason we tune in each week is to see the dancers. While they always have great talent on this show, the talent found this year is tremendous, and it's not one of those instances like on American Idol where they tell us each season it's the best talent ever. It really is! The eliminations that have been made so far don't seem to have much to do with how good of a dancer they are. It just seems to be personality. Nigel keeps attacking people for having personalities like trees and appearing like they put Band-Aids over their mouths and painted teeth on them because of their ever-present grins. Even after watching someone do an amazing job on their solo, they can still be eliminated.


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