Friday, November 16, 2007

Jaimie And Kameron Interview

This is a long one. Murtz Jaffer continues his series of interviews at Reality Dish. Jaimie Goodwin and Kameron Bink talk about their experience on the show and their plans for the future.

MJ: In a competition where there is only one winner, do you think that the random selection of partners is fair (in the sense that so much of what you are judged on is based on chemistry and who you work with)?

KB: No, I really think that they know exactly how to make it as fair as possible. Because when you go on a job like later on in your career, you're never going to know the person you're dancing with and we all have to be dancers but we all have to be actors at the same time. It's preparing us.

JG: I feel like in the beginning they pair with your partners so that it will be a challenge for you, but they try and pair you with someone that you can grow the most with. You're with that partner for the most amount of time. I think you're judged mainly on that. And then when you split up and you have the random partners, they're judging based on you. By that time, partner-by-partner, you're already just being judged just as an individual. It's kind of cool because I feel like that random selection helps with the whole growing process and I think that's what the people want to see.