Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lacey's Mom Speaks Out

Lacey Schwimmer's Mom, Laurie Kaufman, has posted the following to her Myspace blog:

How far is too far?
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hello friends and family!
i received a call from lacey on saturday that was so disturbing that i really couldnt believe what she was telling me. through tears and crying, lacey told me about lauren physically abusing her and that she was frightened because 2 people saw lauren abusing lacey and walked by as if nothing was going on! not too add to the already fragile injury that lacey has with her knee, it was almost too much for me to bear as her mother! i couldnt physically protect lacey! so i calmed lacey down and then called a girl named ashley, who is suppose to be in charge of all the dancers! when she answered the phone, i thought i was talking to a 12 year old! i asked her how old she was, and she told me that she didnt want to reveal that to me, which meant she was very young! later on i found out that she is 19! a 19 year old is in charge of all the dancers on tour??!! youve got to be kidding me! after talking to her for about 5 minutes, she said that she had to go a try and fix the issue....i asked her if she would call me back when it was resolved....she told me that i could call her back!!! so then, i called jeff thacker....he is one of the producers on sytycd, and the tour really is his responsibility......

he kept trying to make light of what had happened.....telling me that....and i quote...."girls will be girls!" well i will tell you, i didnt raise my daughter to treat people like lauren did to her....in fact, the way that lacey handled the situation is the way that i raised her....to be a lady! then jeff said i dont have to deal with you or this and hung up the phone!! hanging up on anyone is such a cowardly action....this then led me to believe that jeff would do nothing about this! he never reassured me that laceys safety was important and that i need not worry about lauren doing anything else to my daughter.....he did not even attempt to talk to lauren, he said that it would just make matters worse! really??!! are you kidding me!!! i realized that jeff thacker had no problem solving skills and was embarrassed by getting caught.....thus, hanging up!!! so, my whole family went to extremes to help lacey feel strong enough to go on! we got a lawyer, who is ready to take any legal action against lauren if she gets anywhere close to lacey.....we also have been informed that legally we can get a restraining order against lauren.....we have no problem or hesitation in doing what is necessary to protect lacey. i wasnt going to write anything about this horrific episode, but i had so many of you writing me and having concerns for laceys safety that i thought i would let everyone know exactly what happened! i am not doing this out of spite or anger, only to inform everyone. please keep lacey in your thoughts and prayers....tour should be a great memory and experience for all the dancers....how dare lauren try and take that away from lacey! our family is onto lauren, and will stop at nothing to protect our lacey! thank you all so much for all of your concerns....you have all been so supportive to lacey since the beginning of sytycd.....i never revealed any of this mistreatment that lacey was enduring during sytycd by lauren, we felt it would be better if we just dealt with it quietly, but not now! physical abuse is physical abuse.....and will not be tolerated by my family!!! lacey is such a wonderful young lady....she has made great friends with most of the dancers on the show....but lauren has never been one, and lacey has never wanted anything to do with lauren!!! neither does our family!

take care,
laurie kauffman