Saturday, November 17, 2007

SYTYCD News Roundup

Neil Haskell and Lauren Gottlieb are interviewed by Murtz Jaffer at Reality Dish.


We previously told you about an online interview Australia's TV Week did with Nigel and Mary. Reality Raver at the RealityRavings blog found some more interesting little tidbits in the printed version.


Read her recap of the season 3 finale show.

But first Cat Deely's dress. A friend, site contributor and style arbiter sms me horrified and described Cat's dress as a toilet brush. I agreed, but also thought it could have been a cross between a kewpie doll, and one of those dolls that sits on top of the toilet to hide the toilet paper in. These are getting harder and harder to find, and will only be available from all good retro antique stores soon.


I mention this because I'm pleased to announce that Reality Raver has agreed to be the Australian correspondent for BSYTYCD. She will be recapping episodes of the upcoming Australian version of the the show, along with news and features. Welcome RR!