Monday, November 12, 2007

Lacey Blog Post

Lacey Schwimmer has posted the following to her Myspace blog. It appears there has been some behind-the-scenes ugliness.

even tho war has took its part....i know i have you...
Current mood: angry

so to sum things up for you i need to send an apology to those wo went to the lexington kentucky show.....i was not myself that evening due to which i know you will all understand.

here it goes!

a few days ago in kentucky, wait lets bring this the tv show.... i had some problems with one of the girls on the show due to high school drama in which i decided to ignore and let happen.
so during the show would hear the comments comming from the hall the laughter comming from her room, their room. and let it happen because i dont like to get in arguments or yell and scream. so as i wittnessed bad behaivor happen i took a deep breath and ignored my surroundings focusing on you, my friends, my family.
so needless to say the entire duration of the show was not the happiest behind the scenes but all i had dreamed of on camera.
when the show was over i figured the drama would stop people would relax and get out of the competition mode... i guess i was wrong...things continued to drop with this person.

which leads me to a few days ago.


im sitting on a couch with hok and in walks the hok leaves for a meeting so i quietly pack up my stuff to avoid akward conversation. as im exiting the room she asks if we can talk....for the first time ever. i replied with a calm ,"i do not not to talk to you." she laughs and says "we need to talk" i said "just becasue u had a meeting with the producr you now need to talk to me? i do not want to talk with you." as calm as i could. i then continued to walk through the door when suddenyl she yells while grabbing my arm. i then remove my arm from her strong hands to try and leave without conflict. she then procede to grab my shoulders and push me up against the wall. i then ask her calmly to remove her hands and let go of me then she say" grow the f**k up " i continue to ask her to remove her hands as she shakes me against the wall cussing at me tell me how immature i am . i then decide to shut up and stare at her to let her no im not fighting back. she thens asks" what is wrong with you why are you staring at me." i once again asked her if she would remove her hands before it gets out of hand" then she relpies "NO we are gunna talk" i raised my voice and said " i have nothing to say to you!" she then tried to closed the door while holding me to the wall...luckily the door was locked which gave me a chace to leave the room. in which she runs to get the producer to force me to talk to her. i run to the busses to grab my laptop and headphones to calm down. as im exiting the bus...shaking and crying. she walks in and pushes me to the couch and is yeling cussing and making fun of me..mocking me if you will. i sit up an try to walk out when she grabs me i said..."if you hit me i will PUNCH you" then one of the girls steps in and pushes her off me. i then go back to breathing and not talking as she continues to mock and yell. then 2 dancers walk on the bus and dont do finally to get away i call my mother on the phone to tell her THIS GIRL is cornering me in the bus so i wont get out. she starts yelling while im on the phone with my mom
security finally escorts me to a secured rom where hok enters as im crying and tryng to calm down then the producer walks in ...then BAM i get an anxiety attack...i bolt out the door trying to get a paperbag to control my breathing then they start chasing me s i run to some plae and i found a bathroom where i sat in the corner of the stall hoping nobody would find me trying to breath and calm down to call my family.
i finaly knew i could be calm and go on with the day after few phones calls from my parents in which they were hung up on and ignored.... so i figure this is a job and i have to deliver so i go to stage for the show...not talking to anyone because everyone thinks im just quiet for no reason...becasue SHE told a story in which i got mad about her wanting to talk to me.
after the show i figured maybe the produce would come up and speak with me maybe a dancer? everyone with the exception of a few people...just went along. which leads me to apologizing to you guys in lexington if i wasnt myself.

being thrown round is a weird especially if you have never had that happen before.

its funy how tv can make certain people look a certain way... but in reality they are monsters.
just letting you guys know and im sorry!

big love