Monday, November 26, 2007

Last Interviews From Toronto

Marine Gobert of Down The Road Webzine concludes her series of interviews with the tour cast.

Jaimie and Kameron:

What are your plans after the tour? Will you stick to dancing or try other things?

Kameron: Well I think a few of us are trying to branch out into acting and stuff, but I just want to keep dancing, keep learning for this next year, ‘cause before the show I wasn’t really dancing at all until January of this past year so I just really want to keep learning for this next year and just keep going and take whatever opportunities come my way.

Jaimie: Well first I thought I would probably want to branch out into TV, a little bit, commercials and stuff, and I might still - but after the tour, lately I’ve been hearing that I’m a lot prettier in person than I was on TV. [laughs] So I might stay away from the camera for a little while! I love theatre work, the tour has made me appreciate theatre and being able to feed off people’s energy, having that instant reaction and not kind of wait for it and read it on the blogs, so definitely, I’d love to do some more theatrical stuff and I want to move to New York ‘cause everything I love is up there.

Kameron: Me too, I’m going to New York too!

Jaimie: Oh my gosh, that’s perfect, ‘cause now we can go shopping together every day.

Kameron: Not if you wake up and leave without me.

Jaimie: Okay, alright.

Kameron: We’ll work on that.

Jaimie: We will, I’m sorry!

Kameron: It’s okay Jaimie.

Don’t fight!

Jaimie: He’s been doing this to me all day!

Kameron: I do it to her every day, all day.

It’s cool to see a guy who likes shopping.

Kameron: Are you making fun of me now?
[They both laugh]


Lauren and Neil:
You were the last original partnership standing on the show – how did that feel?

Neil: That’s what’s up!

Lauren: I actually really wanted to dance in the final 4 so I could dance with Neil again just to see the difference from the very beginning of the show and then how much more we got used to it and use of partners and everything, see how it was at the end, it would have been really fun.

Neil: I would have loved to compete against- I mean, with Lauren in the finale. It would have been great to see her win the whole thing ‘cause she’s such a nice girl.

Lauren: Aw. I also think Neil lied once in the show, in the final 4 when he said he couldn’t pick a better final 4, I really think he wanted me to be there. [laughs]

Neil: I did, I did, because it was on national TV and I was put on the spot!

Lauren: Every time I watch it, I get really sad.

Neil: I’m sorry. I don’t lie but…

Lauren: That’s a large lie.