Friday, November 30, 2007

Show Review From Everett, Wa.

Our friend Melissa in Seattle attended the show in Everett on Wednesday night. Being a former dancer and a dance teacher adds to her perspective in this excellent show review. Thanks Melissa!

I attended the Everett stop of the 2007 So You Think You Can Dance tour. I was impressed with the quality of the dancers’ performances especially since this was the second to last stop on their cross country extravaganza. Lacey was replaced by Shauna in most of the group numbers which I enjoyed since Shauna was my favorite girl in the Top 20. Lacey and Danny were spot on during their “Hip Hip Chin Chin” duet but “Dancing” with Kameron had to be watered down to accommodate Lacey’s knee injury. She had her knee taped up which only those close to the stage could see.

Photos courtesy of Melissa

As a retired dancer myself it was a joy to see the true love and appreciation the audience showered upon the performers. Neil was the teen girl crowd favorite with his every appearance onstage greeted with shrieks and cries. Danny Tidwell was as amazing as I’d hoped in person and watching the ridiculous center and precision of his turns and the gravity-defying height of his leaps were a privilege to see live.

Like fine wine that improves with age, a few of the dances were even better and more impressive than on the show like the Shane Sparks’ “Transformer” hip-hop with Pasha and Lauren and Danny and Neil’s “Two Princes” number choreographed by Mia Michaels. Pasha and Anya’s cha-cha/samba was white hot and a special treat for the audience. My personal favorites were the “Lioness hunt” and “The Moment I said it” group routines which were so powerful to watch live without all the camera angles.

Noteworthy solo performances of the evening were Danny Tidwell, Kameron Bink and Shauna Noland who I was pleased to see given a solo despite not being a Top Ten dancer. Overall it was an incredible evening of dance and entertainment; I got more than my money’s worth and will most definitely be attending the 2008 tour!

Two Princes, from Everett, Wa.
courtesy of MainlyMattias