Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SYTYCD News Roundup

Kristin at Eonline is reporting, amongst other things, that Neil Haskell has a movie role lined up.

Jenny in Sherman Oaks, California: I went to the So You Think You Can Dance show in L.A. this week, and it was awesome! Any scoop on the cast?

Sí! Korbi went backstage after the show and said the kids were in very good spirits, getting ready to drive up to San Fran for a big Thanksgiving dinner together (and their next performance). Kameron told her they're just trying to really enjoy these last couple weeks of the tour, because it's quickly coming to a close. The posttour plan? He's moving to New York with season-two finalists Ivan and Travis, while B-girl Sara's hitting L.A. And Neil has already booked a movie, which everyone's psyched about!


Cat Deeley will again host Fox's New Year's Eve Special:
"We are pleased to have the talented and gorgeous Cat Deeley return as the host of our New Year's Eve live celebration," said executive producer Phil Gurin.

"She is fun and gorgeous and so likeable. She brings tremendous enthusiasm and freshness to her Times Square duties - and she connects with audiences in quite a special way."


Here's a story about a Huntsville Chiropractor who has been the "tour physician". Are chiropractors considered physicians?


Sabra Johnson is quoted in this story from the Portland Tribune:
Johnson viewed her time on the show as a kind of 12-week-long “workshop,” she says. Granted, it was in front of millions of spectators, and her teachers included folks like Mia Michaels and Wade Robson, choreographers who both picked up Emmys for their work on the third season of the show.

“It was really about making myself better and better,” Johnson says. “And there are still things I have to work at – like my turns! I’m lucky if I have a really good double turn.”

...Johnson preaches persistence.

“I started dancing for fun,” Johnson says. “It wasn’t something I actually was planning on doing the rest of my life. But I just ended up loving it, and then trained and trained. … My mom just started taking classes in ballroom, and she’s not in there because she has to be there, she’s there for fun. And that’s the main thing: It has got to be fun.”