Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tour Reviews

Courtesy of Kiches

Reader Kiches posted a lengthy review of the Oakland show, and the meet-n-greet afterward, to IDF forums.

LINK to show review.
LINK to meet-n-greet review.

Blogger Gura talks about 2 of my favorite things: food and So You Think You Can Dance.
Friday we slept in. Made some duck noodle soup from the leftover duck. In the evening we went to the "So You Think You Can Dance?" tour in Oakland. It was a relatively small crowd, so parking was easy. Along with the top 10 they brought along 4 of the other top favorites: Shawna, Hok, Jesus, and Anya. Danny is just simply mesmerizing and Pasha is quite hot, especially when he did his cape solo. The girls screamed for Neil and he played to them by showing off his body. We finally got to see a hip hop routine by the three hip hop dancers: Hok, Sara, and Dominic. Dominic was from Sacramento so he was enjoying performing in front of his home crowd and had several comedic interludes as part of hosting the show.