Friday, November 30, 2007

Update From Lauren

Lauren Gottlieb published a bulletin from her Myspace account. She talks about the end of the tour and upcoming teaching dates she has scheduled, some of them with Kameron Bink.

Nov 30, 2007 5:46 AM
Subject: UPCOMING EVENTS!!!!!!! please read :)
Body: WHY HELLLLLLLLO!With the tour being non stop and us barely ever having the internet its been hard to update my myspace. But sadly the tour is coming to an end tomorrow and we pack our things to go home. WOW! INSANE!!!!! sytycd has been our life, our love, our hard work and more for the past 9 months. We all feel like we should be doing these shows for the rest of our lives. But as much as I would just LOOOOOVE to be doing transformers and lion king through my 80's and 90's its just not gonna happen! hahaha. But seriously, every good thing has to come to an end at some point. Just to let everyone know, we are all very determined and hard working wont end here for us!

Everyone is using this experience to carry on and create new GOOD things. Don't want to spoil any surprises but you will be seeing a lot of the cast members in the future ;) I don't think America could have picked a better top 10! I am so blessed to have shared every moment of everyday by their sides. I got to meet so many good/cool/fun people while on this tour. It was definitely a blast meeting everyone ho voted for us and supported us during the show. Your love, laughter, kind words, cards, and gifts...


meant so much to us, especially while we were away from home and our families for so long. Tomorrow night will definitely be a sad one! As much as we give to you while on stage, you all give us so much more. So thank you all so so so so so much for making this chapter in my book the most memorable one yet!!!!!!! From the bottom of my heart....THANK YOU!...I had the time of my life performing for you all and I'll never forget it .....::::tears::::.... :..(OOOOOK Well, with that said I'm now gonna stop thinking about the "end" and talk about the "new beginning". I will be updating and remodeling my myspace when I get home in a few days. That way it will be so much easier to tell everyone about my upcoming masterclasses and events. For the time being, here are the first couple of events. They're coming up rather quick
so if you can make it out for them pleeeeeease sign up ASAP! :)-----Thursday December 6th, 2007- Kameron and I will be teaching a workshop together in FT.
LAUDERDALE FL.Omni Auditorium(BCC North Campus)1000 Coconut Creek BlvdCoconut
Creek, FL 33066 Thursday December 66:00-10:00pmCost: $60.00 at door$55.00
pre-paid (contact Tammy @ 954.614.7109)6-7:15pm- Kameron's class7:15-8:30pm-
Lauren's (ME) class8:30-9:30pm- Lauren and Kameron teaching together 9:30-10
Meet and Greet
:)_________________________________________________________------Sunday December
9th, 2007- I will be teaching at THE NEXT LEVEL in Toronto, Canada!!! Im so
excited for this one! It's a great faculty.....MIA MICHAELS, TYCE DIORIO,
RHAPSODY, AND LUTHER BROWN! Also Kam is going to come and assist my classes :)
It's a one day convention and its going to be so much fun!!! here is the link to
the website. Register now because the event is coming up soooooooon!*THE NEXT
-------Co Dance Conventions**** I will be doing 5 cities this year: Boston, MA
Feb. 2-3Chicago, IL Feb. 9-10Memphis, TN Feb. 23-24Toledo, OH Mar. 1-2Santa
Clara, CA Apr. 5-6Co Dance was my favorite convention growing up...I was the
girl who traveled around to different cities so I could take from this faculty
over and over again. So for me to be a part of it this year is a huge honor!!!!
COME DANCE WITH US! :)There are a few more in between and I will make sure to
post it on my page when everything is finalized. Thank you so
much!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE COME VISIT ME at one of the events so I don't have
withdrawals hahaha see you soon!Love,Lauren Gottlieb